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October 5 - Day of Mass Resistance

On October 5, people everywhere will walk out of school, take off work, and come to the downtowns & townsquares and set out from there, going through the streets and calling on many more to join us - making a powerful statement: "NO! THIS REGIME DOES NOT REPRESENT US! AND WE WILL DRIVE IT OUT!"

Documents Reveal Bush/CFR "Administrative Coup D'etat" of America

Journalist Jerome Corsi has received the first documents pertaining to a FOIA request asking for full disclosure of the SPP office in its activities towards creating a Pan American Union.

According to a report by World Net Daily, the documents reveal that the Bush administration is running a "shadow government" without congressional oversight in conjunction with Canada and Mexico under the guise of a program "to increase security and to enhance prosperity among the three countries through greater cooperation."

Corsi asserts that a wide range of US administrative law is being re-written in stealth under this program to "integrate" and "harmonize" with administrative law in Mexico and Canada.

The documents contain references to upwards of 13 working groups within an entire organized infrastructure that has drawn from officials within most areas of administrative government including U.S. departments of State, Homeland Security, Commerce, Treasury, Agriculture, Transportation, Energy, Health and Human Services, and the office of the U.S. Trade Representative.

Corsi has further reported that at a recent high-level confab in Banff, an assistant U.S. secretary of state, Thomas A. Shannon , chaired a panel that featured a presentation by Prof. Robert Pastor, author of a book promoting the development of a North American union as a regional government and the adoption of the amero as a common monetary currency to replace the dollar and the peso.

The open plan to merge the US with Mexico and Canada and create a Pan American Union networked by a NAFTA Super Highway has long been a Globalist brainchild but its very real and prescient implementation on behalf of the Council on Foreign Relations has finally been reported on by mainstream news outlets.

After nearly ten years of reporting by Alex Jones and the rest of the Patriot Movement, the establishment press is finally covering serious reports on the plan for a Pan-American Union, based on recent articles by Human Events columnist Jerome Corsi.

Back in June World Net Daily reported ,

"The White House has established working groups, under the North American Free Trade Agreement office in the Department of Commerce, to implement the Security and Prosperity Partnership, or SPP, signed by President Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox and then-Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin in Waco, Texas, March 23, 2005."

The article even carries the admission that the Council on Foreign Relations, often the bane of sophomoric stereotypical caricatures of paranoid conspiracy theorists, played a fundamental role in crafting the policy for the homogenization of the US, Canada and Mexico.

"Many SPP working groups appear to be working toward achieving specific objectives as defined by a May 2005 Council on Foreign Relations task force report, which presented a blueprint for expanding the SPP agreement into a North American union that would merge the U.S., Canada and Mexico into a new governmental form."

This admission is as historical as it is concerning - the CFR moulds the foundational policy for the elimination of American sovereignty and it is passed as executive law within weeks. It is once again evident that the true vestiges of power lie within the ranks of the CFR and the Trilateral Commission who act on policy decided upon by the big brother of multinational semi-secret steering societies, the Bilderberg Group.

Up until five or six years ago the CFR largely operated in the shadows, only publishing its mouthpiece Foreign Affairs, and any inference that the group held sway in US politics or even existed was met by heckles of incredulity from the establishment media. Now the Associated Press openly reports their guiding hand in the drives towards global government.

The framework on which the American Union is being pegged is the NAFTA Super Highway (pictured) , a four football-fields-wide leviathan that stretches from southern Mexico through the US up to Montreal Canada.

Corsi's work cites government websites which carry full planning details of the Super Highway and its construction has already begun in Texas with no congressional oversight whatsoever. The Trans-Texas Corridor is being overseen by The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and the contract is owned by the Cintra corporation which in turn is owned by the King of Spain Juan Carlos. The project is being financed by the implementation of a toll that will be collected by means of GPS tracking devices installed in all vehicles and also envelops many connecting roads to the highway.

The NAFTA Super Highway will allow vehicles, people and goods to travel from Mexico, into the heart of America and up to Canada with little impediment, effectively erasing America's borders wholesale.

Coupled with Bush's blanket amnesty program, the Pan American Union is the final jigsaw piece for the total dismantling of America as we know it.

Evil state of the union

Young pro-communist Spanish Freemason reestablished Order of Bavarian Illuminati in 1995; supports North Korean regime

The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment; let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name, and another occupation.
-- Adam Weishaupt, Founder, Order of Bavarian Illuminati

The modus operandi of the original "Enlightened Ones" of eighteenth-century Bavaria provided a blueprint, as most students of communism will observe, for the so-called communist "front organization." The American Civil Liberties Union's litigous rampage against public expressions of Christianity and ANSWER's anti-war demos are perfect examples of this tactic.

The objective of the original Illuminati parallels that of all communists since then. This was John Robison's discovery in Proofs of a Conspiracy Against All the Religions and Governments of Europe (1798):

Their first and immediate aim is to get the possession of riches, power, and influence, without industry; and, to accomplish this, they want to abolish Christianity; and then dissolute manners and universal profligacy will procure them the adherence of all the wicked, and enable them to overturn all the civil governments of Europe; after which they will think of farther conquests, and extend their operations to the other quarters of the globe, till they have reduced mankind to the state of one undistinguishable chaotic mass (page 121, Western Islands edition).

In the right column of this blogsite we issue the following disclaimer: "This blog does not propagate "New World Order conspiracy theories." We acknowledge that the Western capitalist elite have organized themselves into a number of clandestine and semi-clandestine transnational associations committed to the utopian ideal of world government. By asserting that these organizations are the true threat to the West, however, the Left and the Faux Right are parroting the Leninist lies of Pravda, the organ of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, and KGB/FSB-disseminated propaganda."

In general we shy away from New World Order conspiracy theories on this blogsite because they promote anticapitalism and communism.

Notwithstanding these caveats, we have long recognized the ideological continuity between Adam Weishaupt's notorious Bavarian Illuminati, established in 1776, and Karl Marx's League of the Just, the predecessor of the Communist League, established in 1836. While we have never located a single, historically continuous organization between the eighteenth-century Illuminati and contemporary communists, the "re-establishment" of the order in 1995 by a young pro-communist Spanish Freemason, Gabriel López de Rojas (pictured above), is most intriguing. Rojas, which means "red" in Spanish, refers to his atheistical and egalitarian ideology as "Redism", the objectives of which he juxtaposes with those of Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism and neo-Templarism, which acknowledge a Supreme Being:

Besides, Redism Philosophy crowns Redism with its equalitarian and anarchistic message, being the philosophy of action and postmodernity that formulates again socialism and converts Redism in postmodern. At last, scientific psychology is also the tool that makes possible to understand the gradual evolution of Redism for high degree initiated ones.

In Redism, initiated developes since esoteric and initiatic non demonstrated idealism to materialism, the absolute rejection of existance of the whole gods, the atheism, the atheistic reason, the science, the rigour...

Masonry, Rose-croix, Templars... also begin in idealism, but, opposite of Redism, they remain in it eternally, leading their members to fictitious 'heavens' and to the most absolute unreality.

Rojas admits that Illuminized Freemasonry played an important role in fomenting the revolutionary socialism of the French Revolution: "It can be declared that the Illuminati sowed the seed of revolution in France, getting see an important part of their ideas, but not at all."

In the January/February 2005 bulletin of the Korean Friendship Association, based in Catalonia, Spain, Rojas' homeland, this self-described postmodern Illuminatus writes favorably of the communist regime of North Korea:

The Juche philosophy of the DPRK promotes an independent and creating spirit. So, the DPRK decided to create nuclear weapons for self-defense. This is a legatine decision and it's not a threat. The real threat comes from USA, a nation that attacks, invades and destroys other nations.
-- Gabriel Lopez de Rojas, KFA-Spain

In the early 2000s Rojas contested the leadership of the original Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), the Grand Master of which between 1923 and 1947 was infamous occultist Aleister Crowley. Failing to secure the same office, Rojas formed a splinter group under an identical name.

The Illuminati Order maintains lodges throughout Latin America, where neo-communism is advancing rapidly, as well as Europe, Australia and the USA. You can visit Rojas' website here. Yes, even the much-dreaded Illuminati has a website! So much for secrecy in this secret society. Reality is catching up with conspiracy theories . . .

Several other quasi-masonic organizations, such as the Grand Lodge Rockefeller, OTO, which features a US Grand Lodge and a UK Grand Lodge, and Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, claim ideological descent from the Bavarian Illuminati. The Grand Lodge Rockefeller in New York offers the following evaluation of Rojas' revived Illuminati and its fraternal organizations in the USA:

The leaders of the Grand Lodge and others paramasonic and illuminati organisations –The Order, Skull and Bones and The Shriners- have moved ourselves a little away the anarchistic and equalitarian beliefs of Bavarian Illuminati.

In 1994, the Spanish Gabriel López de Rojas contacted with the Grand Lodge. In 1995, he founded Illuminati Order in Barcelona (Spain). Then, he recovered the Rite of Bavarian Illuminated with the name Operative Rite of Bavarian Illuminated of Illuminati Order.

Founded in 1785 as the Columbia Lodge of the Order of the Illuminati, the Grand Lodge Rockefeller's most illustrious members included New York Governor De Witt Clinton; Clinton Roosevelt, an ancestor of Franklin Delano Roosevelt; Horace Greeley, editor of the New York Tribune; and John D. Rockefeller, the only member of the Rockefeller dynasty to apparently affiliate with this lodge of Illuminized Freemasonry.

Neo-Illuminatus Rojas also identifies Skull and Bones at Yale University as a chapter of the Illuminati, a juicy morsel that researchers Antony Sutton and Yale alumnus Ron Rosenbaum exposed more than 20 years ago. Would Bonesman George W. Bush care to offer his opinion on this subject? Probably not.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

VIDEO: Shouting CCTV Cameras

Newsweek’s latest cover, by geographical region:

CENTCOM Sergeant Details Traitorous Stand Down Orders On 9/11

CENTCOM Sergeant Details Traitorous Stand Down Orders On 9/11
Military whistleblower comes forward with key information

Steve Watson / Infowars | September 26 2006

Alex Jones was joined on air yesterday by a former Sergeant in the United States Army named Lauro "LJ" Chavez. Chavez was stationed at MacDill AFB where he claims he witnessed unusual preparations for a potential airplane hitting the base on the morning of 9/11 and distinctly heard officers talking about a stand down. This has led him to go public in questioning the NORAD stand down and the demolition of the twin towers.

In a letter that first appeared on the 9/11 Veterans For Truth Website, Sergeant Lauro "LJ" Chavez responds to a Cincinnati Post hit piece article by outlining his own doubts about the official version of 9/11 and his personal experiences of the strange prelude to the events of that morning.

Despite early (and healthy) reactions claiming this may be a hoax designed to poison the well of the 9/11 truth movement, Sergeant Chavez has now provided us with evidence of his credentials, his honorable discharge documents showing the military installations he was located inside. The last station he held was inside United States Central Command in Tampa - the pdf can be viewed here.

Mr Chavez was quick to point out that he does not have all the answers, but does have what he feels is vital information regarding the events of 9/11:

''I'm in no way in a position to tell people that 'this is the official story so believe me', no, I want to give people the information so they can go away and look for themselves and formulate a logical decision with all the evidence." Chavez said.

Mr Chavez worked within CENTCOM, one of the five American regional unified commands consisting of Marines, Navy and air force officers. CENTCOM's area of jurisdiction is in the Middle East, East Africa and Central Asia. CENTCOM has been the main American presence in many military operations, including the Persian Gulf War, the United States war in Afghanistan, and the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Chavez was stationed at CENTCOM's headquarters at MacDill AFB, in Tampa, Florida. His commanding officer was Four Star General Tommy Franks.

Chavez worked in the J6 department that was in charge of all the computer systems, the network backbone of CENTCOM. Chavez ran a team of six soldiers on the helpdesk network side. He was personally responsible for the maintenance of commanding officers computers, including those of General Tommy Franks. He has letters of recommendation from Franks and even went to Franks' house to work on his computers.

Chavez described how the military has a ring of computer networks according to different security clearance levels. Chavez worked only with systems classified as top secret or higher.

On the morning before 9/11 Chavez was in the Secure Compartmented Information Facility, the secure bunker at the base of CENTCOM HQ which is populated by high ranking military intelligence personnel. This is a facility that requires a top secret gamma clearance. Inside are systems that can monitor weather systems and flight paths of all aircraft within the country.

That day he was involved with supporting computer equipment being used in the Vigilant Guardian exercise and another exercise based in Egypt. On this day Chavez got to see information that he wasn't supposed to see.

"I was working on psyops commander's computer and next to his PC was a top secret document that was open, his neglect was my ally, I was sitting there working on his computer and was waiting for some passes to download and I look over and I'm reading the document, and it's the off order for the exercise that they are participating in."

This raises major questions because normally wargames or exercises are not classified as top secret as it is a requirement to let some information be public, especially if the exercise is taking place in a populated area.

Chavez continued:

"So I'm reading this document and it's giving proposed situations for scenarios for this wargame the scenarios include a hijacked plane, most of them were hijacked planes, I saw one that was like a car bomb trying to blow up something, but one of them was a hijacked plane crashing into a nuclear power plant in California, the Sears Tower, the World Trade Center, The Pentagon obviously, the White House, our building was one of the targets as well."

Chavez went on to describe how CENTCOM HQ was being heavily fortified the day before 9/11 and access to the base was restricted to top secret personnel only. This ties in with a declaration of Martial Law by Jeb Bush two days previously throughout the entirety of Florida.

Chavez also described how during the exercises the aerospace grid with "enemy" blips on it has to be piped in to the air traffic controllers of all the airports in the affected area so they know there is a military exercise going on. This ties in with the released NORAD/NEADS and FAA tapes and accounts that are riddled with references to the drills and exercises taking place on 9/11.

Chavez described the plot as "genius" and stated:

"If you want to crash planes into a building, and you've got the aerospace grid at your beckoning call, so you put a bunch of blips on it so no one knows which ones are real and which ones are fake... All you have to do is have someone in charge of the computer systems to put the blips on the screen and then you can do whatever you want."

Chavez proceeded to detail the key discussions that he heard inside the bunker on the day of 9/11:

"I didn't get to see tower one hit, I was in there talking with individuals and i was tired, I'd been there since four in the morning. Then all of a sudden everybody started hustling and bustling. it was like NASA when Apollo 13 was about to crash, everybody running around, and then they put it on the big screen, CNN with the tower on fire.

Then we see the other plane come in and hit it and at that point everybody is standing up. The air force had commanders in contact with NORAD. The plane, or whatever, hit the Pentagon and then we were like 'Why aren't they scrambling jets?' We were asking, there was eight or nine people... Colonels and Lieutenant Colonels asking the Lieutenant Colonel in charge of the air force 'why isn't NORAD scrambling jets? and he said 'we received an order to stand down''. And that just perplexed everybody."

Mr Chavez did not know the Lieutenant Colonel and so does not know his name, yet if he can be identified, then we have uncovered a direct link to the stand down order. If that man or any others who were present at CENTCOM on 9/11 can be identified and made to testify under oath, then the whole cover operation could be blown. A real independent investigation would have secured this.

The entire riveting interview is freely available online at now. Please spread this information far and wide.

Mr Chavez has since been informed that the computer company he now works for, as information security manager, has been receiving threatening phone calls demanding his dismissal. Mr Chavez is another example of someone who is bravely putting his career, reputation and life on the line to get the truth out about the 9/11 cover up.

Former Governor Jesse Ventura Questions Official 9/11 Story

Former Governor Jesse Ventura Questions Official 9/11 Story
Goes further than ever before, cites Northwoods, Gulf of Tonkin, NORAD stand down, staged war provocations

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison | September 26 2006

Former Minnesota Governor, actor and wrestling star Jesse Ventura has publicly questioned the official version of events behind 9/11 and gone further than ever before in citing Operation Northwoods and the Gulf of Tonkin as examples of how the government has planned and carried out staged war provocations in the past.

Ventura has temporarily left his Baja Mexico surfing lifestyle to lend support to Texas gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman. At a press conference yesterday Ventura said that the Republicans and Democrats were "destroying our country" and its political process. Sporting a beard and dreadlocks, the former Vietnam veteran also criticized the Iraq war.

Alex Jones and his film crew were able to set up a last minute interview with Ventura at a San Antonio restaurant after his appearance before a packed house at UTSA.

Ventura first stated that he had many unanswered questions about 9/11. The former Governor cited Operation Northwoods, a 1963 Joint Chiefs of Staff plan to stage terror attacks and kill American citizens to start a war with Cuba, as an example of how the U.S. government wanted to kill its own people and blame it on foreign enemies to justify war. Ventura found it painful, having dutifully served himself, that elements within the government would go to such barbaric and deceitful lengths to con its own populace into supporting militarism.

Ventura then raised the issue of the Gulf of Tonkin, citing recently released declassified information confirming that American ships were never attacked and the incident was manufactured in order to provide the entree to the Vietnam war. This was particularly unpalatable for Ventura because he joined as a Navy Seal on September 11 1969, fought in Vietnam and lost many friends there.

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Ventura asked that if the U.S. government were prepared to stage such a gargantuan historical event in terms of its significance in leading a nation to war then, why they would they refrain from doing so again today?

Ventura also highlighted 9/11 itself in contrasting the lax response of NORAD air defense to the four commercial airliners on 9/11 compared with the immediate interception of golfer Payne Stewart's Lear Jet in October 1999.

Ventura said that the argument that Americans should give up liberty in exchange for security in the war on terror was horrible and that government should never be trusted. He encouraged Americans to be skeptical of anything the government claims in light of their past duplicity.

Ventura seemed visibly upset during the interview, calling the American public apathetic, seemingly wanting to say more, and was very cynical that any real investigation would take place having already witnessed the 9/11 Commission's whitewash.

Ventura had previously aired his skepticism of the official version of events on Jay Leno and elaborated on a 2004 radio show but the former Governor went further than ever before during this interview.

Clips of the interview will be posted tonight and tomorrow for free. Watch this space.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Claim: USCENTCOM Sergeant Blows Whistle On 9/11 Inside Job

Blogosphere debate rages as to whether "Chavez" is real or disinfo

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | September 25 2006

UPDATE: Sergeant Chavez has now provided us with evidence of his credentials - the pdf can be viewed

An individual describing himself as a Sergeant stationed at MacDill AFB claims he witnessed unusual preparations for a potential airplane hitting the base on the morning of 9/11 and publicly questions the NORAD stand down and the demolition of the twin towers. Many have reacted to the claims by warning of a hoax designed to poison the well of the 9/11 truth movement.

In a letter that first appeared on the 9/11 Veterans For Truth Website, Sergeant Lauro "LJ" Chavez responds to a Cincinnati Post hit piece article by outlining his own doubts about the official version of 9/11 and his personal experiences of the strange prelude to the events of that morning.

"From 1995 till 2002 I was a Sergeant in the United States Army. Not only this, but I was stationed at United States Central Command, which is located at MacDill AFB in Tampa Florida. I was on active duty when 9-11 happened. In the days prior to the tragedies, we were involved in many exercises. Some of these exercises included the scenarios of hijacked planes crashing into, our building the world trade center, the White House, Sears Tower, and the Pentagon. These drills or exercises as we called them, where classified Top Secret. Having a Top Secret rated clearance I was dumbfounded that they would ever push a training exercise above the level of Secret. Over my 8 years in the Army, I had participated in many exercises around the world, none of which were ever classified over the Secret level."

"Back to the morning of 9-11; the command was busy with this training exercise. We were instructed to bring all our gear in to prep for a mock (staged) deployment to the Middle East. On the morning of 9-11 I had been on base prepped and ready to go since about 0400am. During my time at the base that morning, they were setting up barriers around the command and placing gun posts on the roofs. When I questioned one of the security officers about the machine gun and shoulder fired rockets on the roof I was given the answer its a precaution for a plane attempting to crash into this building."

Chavez said that he was in a "Secure Compartmented Information Facility), which is basically this underground bunker command post for USCENTCOM," watching the real and exercise radar blips from planes on an aerospace grid and that intercept planes were sent up from Andrews AFP to deliberately ensure the capital was left largely defenseless.

Chavez later relates his colleague's first reaction to the collapse of the twin towers.

"To delve even further, as Im standing there watching the towers collapse, next to me is one of my good friends and a former commander of the Army Corps of Engineers. He is a demolitions expert. He was even more surprised than me. When the towers collapsed he kept saying this isnt right, this isnt right. When I asked him what he was talking about he told me that steel buildings dont fall down that way. Even if they are struck by objects; he went on to say that in theory if the top 10 floors were hit, then possibly just that part of the building would fall over and off, but the rest would remain standing. When I asked him, not understanding the implications of demolitions, he told me that it looked as if they were brought down by controlled demolitions. I was utterly amazed, but after he said that it did sort of appear that way."

"The DVD of the resistance!" Get TerrorStorm on DVD today! Subscribe to Prison and see it in high quality or watch it for free at Google Video.

A Google search failed to produce any reference to a Sergeant Lauro Chavez having been stationed at MacDill AFB. In addition, the letter was not posted on the Cincinnati Post website.

Chavez' perceived inability to prove his credentials has led many to question whether the letter is a hoax designed to poison the well of the 9/11 truth movement - or a simple prank.

The 9/11 Blogger website brimmed with forthright denouncements of the story as a hoax.

Citing contradictions between the 9/11 timeline and Chavez' statements, many argued that the letter was just cobbled together accusations culled from 9/11 Internet videos.

Others questioned the likelihood of a presumably still active duty young Sergeant risking his pension and livelihood for the sake of writing a letter to a newspaper.

"If this is true then this guy wouldn't blow the whistle by responding to an editorial for a newspaper. This guy would be breaking this news on all the 9/11 Truth websites and be doing interviews galore."

Another poster claims to know Chavez and describes him as "a bit of a prankster."

A poster later identifying himself as Chavez wrote "I didnt choose to come out and blow the whistle - it chose its own time," "I fear not death, but I do fear for my children growing up in this world."

Until Chavez can provide documents that prove his position and tenure at MacDill AFB, we have to reserve judgment. If such evidence is not forthcoming this story will be dismissed as a hoax.

Sergeant Chavez is welcome to provide me with that evidence by e mail and I will gladly write a follow up story. I'm sure I can speak for Alex Jones in inviting Chavez to appear on The Alex Jones Show to elaborate on his story if it is indeed genuine.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The definitive 911 documentary "9/11 Mysteries"

CLICK HERE to download a high quality version of the film.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

U.S. can't confirm bin Laden death report: official

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. government is unable to confirm a French newspaper report that al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is believed to have died last month in Pakistan, a U.S. counterterrorism official said on Saturday.

"We cannot confirm the account," said the official, who declined to be identified because he was not authorized to speak publicly about the issue. "It's quite possible (that) there was some talk of this, but in terms of being able to confirm this, that I can't do."

The French regional daily L'Est Republicain reported that, according to a French secret service report, Saudi Arabia was convinced that bin Laden died of typhoid in Pakistan in late August. The French government has said it could not confirm the report and would investigate the intelligence leak.

The U.S. State Department had no immediate comment and was looking into the reports.

Media reports suggesting that bin Laden was dead, seriously wounded or in ill health have surfaced periodically over the years, especially during lengthy periods of time without taped messages from the al Qaeda leader.

U.S. officials have suggested that his death would be accompanied by a surge of e-mail and telephone chatter among bereaved al Qaeda members, if not an actual announcement from the militant network.

But officials said they were not aware of any such chatter in recent weeks.

A factor fueling persistent speculation about bin Laden's health is that he has not been seen on a new videotape since late 2004, while his second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahri, has made a number of videotaped appearances.

But bin Laden, 49, a Saudi-born fugitive with a $25 million price on his head, has released several audiotapes this year, which U.S. intelligence has authenticated.

His latest audiotape surfaced in July. In it, he warned Iraq's Shi'ite majority of retaliation for attacks on Sunni Arabs and said al Qaeda would fight the United States anywhere in the world.

© Reuters 2006. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Warning To The World Heeded As Leaders Expose State Terror Chavez, Ahmadinejad cite 9/11 in attempt to counter fake war provocations

Fearing that they are the next targets of the U.S. led imperial new world order, leaders of foreign nations are beginning to understand that by drawing attention to the use of staged provocations and state terror, they may be able to move one step ahead in the world of public opinion and avoid the wrath of the Neo-Fascists.

In July of 2005 we released an article entitled 'A Warning to the World' which called for, "all governments who still operate outside of the control of the Globalists to come forward and join humanity in unveiling the real terrorists who are attempting to deform the world into a prison planet."

This was a plea for all credible whistleblowers, and especially those within government, to shine a spotlight on the true face of terrorism.

"We are calling on all whistleblowers to reveal themselves now and stand with us in the corner of truth and the future of this species. These bastards are indiscriminate killers and withholding information only paints a bigger target on your forehead. Your words need to be heard."

"On a governmental level the challenge is here before you. Either scream from the rooftops about government orchestrated terrorism or sit back and watch your country become a victim of it as it is wrestled away from your hands and placed in the domain of a black and cancerous global dictatorship."

That challenge is now being answered not simply because of our article but due to increased exposure of 9/11 and a clearer understanding of how governments create crises in order to justify wars.

The crescendo of credible individuals blowing the whistle on government sponsored terror has increased exponentially.

Not only did we witness a coming together of academics, scientists and former government officials with the birth of the Scholars for 9/11 truth, but a number of world leaders used their platforms to warn the world of western state sponsored terror.Full article

Bush Tacitly Implies WTC Controlled Demolition?

Click here for audio
Click for video
Here's the quote in full from the White House website.

"For example, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed described the design of planned attacks of buildings inside the U.S. and how operatives were directed to carry them out."

"That is valuable information for those of us who have the responsibility to protect the American people. He told us the operatives had been instructed to ensure that the explosives went off at a high -- a point that was high enough to prevent people trapped above from escaping."

Chavez tells UN Bush is 'devil'

Venezuela's leader Hugo Chavez has called US President George W Bush as "the devil" in a speech at the United Nations General Assembly.

"The devil came here yesterday," he said, referring to Mr Bush's speech on Tuesday. "It still smells of sulphur today," he added.

US state department spokesman Tom Casey said that it was disappointing to see a head of state speak in such a way.

Mr Chavez went on to criticise the UN system which was "worthless".

The left-wing Venesuelan leader - allied to Cuba's Fidel Castro and with growing ties to fellow oil-producer Iran - has long had tense relations with the US.

UN 'worthless'

On Tuesday, Mr Bush had defended his policies on the Middle East and said democracy was gaining ground as terrorists were marginalised.

The UN system born after World War II collapsed. It's worthless
Hugo Chavez
Venezuelan President

Mr Chavez, who brandished a copy of American leftist writer Noam Chomsky's Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance, said Mr Bush promoted "a false democracy of the elite" and a "democracy of bombs".

"He came here talking as if he were the owner of the world," the Venezuelan leader said.

He called for drastic reform of the UN to reduce what he called US influence.

The UN in its current form "doesn't work", he said.

"I don't think anybody in this room could defend the system," the Venezuelan leader added.

"Let's be honest. The UN system born after World War II collapsed. It's worthless."

Mr Chavez's criticism of the UN echoed Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech to the assembly late on Tuesday, BBC diplomatic correspondent Bridget Kendall reports from New York.

"As long as the UN Security Council is unable to act on behalf of the entire international community in a transparent, just and democratic manner, it will neither be legitimate nor effective," Mr Ahmadinejad said in a speech delivered a few hours after Mr Bush's appearance.

'Horrific acts'

Wednesday's session opened with a speech by Afghan President Hamid Karzai who argued military action alone would not stop terrorism in his country.

They decapitate elderly women, blow up mosques full of worshipers and kill school-going children in indiscriminate bombings of civilian areas
Hamid Karzai
Afghan president

He called for the destruction of safe havens and elaborate networks operating in the region to recruit, train, finance, arm and deploy terrorists.

And he said the answer to defeating the drugs trade lay in international support for providing a "meaningful alternative livelihood to our farmers".

Other business at the UN on Wednesday includes a meeting of the Middle East quartet - the diplomatic steering group comprising the US, Russia, the European Union and the UN.

And the UN will hold a special meeting to discuss the four-year-old crisis in Ivory Coast, divided since its civil war.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Theory that U.S. orchestrated Sept. 11 attacks 'not absurd': Venezuela


AP | September 12 2006

President Hugo Chavez said Tuesday that it's at least plausible that the U.S. government was involved in the Sept. 11 attacks.

Chavez did not specifically accuse the U.S. government of having a hand in the Sept. 11 attacks, but rather suggested that theories of U.S. involvement bear examination.

The Venezuelan leader, an outspoken critic of U.S. President George W. Bush, was reacting to a television report investigating a theory that the Twin Towers were brought down with explosives after hijacked airplanes crashed into them in 2001.

"The hypothesis is not absurd . . . that those towers could have been dynamited," Chavez said in a speech to supporters. "A building never collapses like that, unless it's with an implosion."

"The hypothesis that is gaining strength . . . is that it was the same U.S. imperial power that planned and carried out this terrible terrorist attack or act against its own people and against citizens of all over the world," Chavez said.

"Why? To justify the aggressions that immediately were unleashed on Afghanistan, on Iraq."

Chavez has said the U.S. launched those wars to ensure its political and economic power.

The U.S. government says al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden masterminded the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

"A plane supposedly crashed into the Pentagon, but no one ever found a single remnant of that plane," Chavez said, citing a television program he had seen on Venezuela's state television.

Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro raised the same theories in an earlier speech Tuesday, and called for an independent investigation.

"It's really worrisome to think that all of that could have been a great conspiracy against humanity," Maduro said. "An independent international investigation must be carried out one day to discover the truth about the events of Sept. 11."

9/11 Truth Movement Needs Legal Action Group

9/11 Truth Movement Needs Legal Action Group
In same vain as 9/11 scholars, first action would be to distance itself from damaging unproven theories

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | September 12 2006

The momentum of the 9/11 truth movement is accelerating like never before after enjoying a cacophony of attention during yesterday's 5th anniversary coverage. The next stage needs to be the formation of a 9/11 Legal Action organization and commencement of criminal indictments following the likely Republican loss of Congress in November.

The dam on proving the destruction of the trade towers was an inside job has broken and the only thing that can stop it now is infiltration and misdirection towards unproven and discrediting theories about pods, missiles, ghost planes and other outlandish distractions.

Any loosely organized movement is subject to monitoring and infiltration by various government agencies, including the FBI, defense intelligence, down to local police sheriffs who then pass information up the chain of command. History provides numerous examples of this therefore it is not paranoid to acknowledge that the 9/11 truth movement, having gained widespread media presence and increased prestige following the creation of the 9/11 scholars group, would be targeted for manipulation by outside influences.

The organic nature of the 9/11 truth movement has enabled it to flourish and avoid damaging levels of interference and diversion by narcs and PR change agents thus far. This hasn't been without effort on the part of agent provocateurs and their unwitting dupes who peddle nonsense about how for example all the videos of Flight 175 hitting the south tower were edited with CGI special effects.

That is not to say the progenitors of this disinformation are all working on behalf of the intelligence establishment, far from it. Indeed, I personally courted many nebulous aspects of alternative 9/11 research before discarding them for sturdier evidence. But the romance and mystery of far-reaching possibilities has always flirted with the human mind in appearing more palatable than hardcore brick-and-mortar evidence of criminal complicity.

"TerrorStorm sets a new standard in documentary filmmaking. Alex Jones knocks it out of the park yet again." -Dylan Avery, Director, "Loose Change" - Click here to get the DVD or click here to watch online now!

The pod people, CGI fakery dupes and dare I say it, Flight 77 skeptics, are harming the 9/11 truth movement.

It speaks to the laziness of human nature - if the architects of this mass delusion can openly con the watching world into believing they saw something that was never there - if they can master such heights of grand illusion - then what hope do we have of ever reigning them in? It gives us an excuse to sit on our backsides and continue daydreaming.

Controlled demolition of buildings, insider trading and criminal cronyism can all be physically and circumstantially proven in a court of law - but it takes time, money, sweat and tears.

Who is willing to give up their way of life to pursue such proceedings after the expected Republican loss of Congress in November?

We need a 9/11 Legal Action Group - exclusively formed by career experts in the same vain as the 9/11 Scholars - to specifically identify the guilty parties behind the attack, organize the irrefutable proof, and convene a grand jury to indict the real terrorists - whoever they may be.

The first motion on the part of this Legal Action Group would be to denounce any and all unproven 9/11 theories that do not form part of its body of presentable evidence.

Whether or not the inclusion of Pentagon no plane theories should be included within that mandate remains an open question - but one that could be blown out of the water if the Neo-Cons select the time when the 9/11 truth movement is at its peak of notoriety as a window of opportunity to release clear video showing Flight 77 and use it as a tool to debunk the entire field.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Gulliver's Travails: This is huge!!! Bigger than north woods document!!!

future study conducted 1995-1996 for the Air Force Chief of staff

documents here
Gulliver's Travails is a world of rampant nationalism, state- and nonstate-sponsored terrorism, and fluid coalitions.1 Most US citizens consider their nation to be the world's policeman . . . fireman, physician, social worker, financier, mailman, and bartender. It is much like being a traffic cop on an incendiary New York City Friday afternoon when the traffic lights stop working. Just when everyone foresees the illusory weekend escape from the rat race, they instead must compete to relax. A zero-sum calculus pervades much of the globe, and random firefights occur in a world where everyone is armed and many are envious.

This is an age in which agrarian and industrial civilizations often dominate the stage with unruly behavior, threatening to topple more "advanced" states when "primitive" conflicts create problems that spill across borders. Though the reasons for the conflicts may appear primitive, the weapons used are often modern.2 Furthermore, newly anointed leaders are clever enough to realize refugees pose a threat to the stability of their regime, be it an autocracy, a people's republic, or an economic enclave. Those in power assume, usually correctly, that the displaced will seek to return to their homes, or at the least to gain revenge.3 Consequently, to ensure their new state's security, governments seek some means for controlling the passions of those who might oppose them. In some cases, internal repression and external terrorism are the mechanisms chosen.4

Traditionally the United States could ignore some of these activities, but as the world has gotten smaller, the problems of terrorism are no longer confined overseas. Small states or groups may seek to either spur or deter US action in pursuit of their own agendas. The problem is there are too many actors, all clamoring for attention, frequently in direct opposition to one another. Addressing these claimants' issues is vital to the US because groups that are neither controlled nor appeased may export terrorism to America.

Nationalism lurks everywhere, usually asserting itself along ethnic, economic, religious, cultural, or racial schisms.5 In many areas, a man who is not one's brother is one's enemy. States which secede from within existing borders are themselves subject to civil wars, and states propagate as ever more groups seek self-determination. Territory is important in this world, because the emergent groups need land to form states. Because land matters, border disputes continue long after these tenuous states initially form.6 The violent, nationalistic conflicts concomitantly displace millions of people. Refugees stream across borders seeking food, shelter, and security, but their presence often sparks reactionary nationalistic movements in the "invaded" country.7

America, though without peer, finds its forces dispersed around the world, trying to answer all the alarms. As shown in figure 3-1, the American World View is Global; the United States is heavily involved worldwide in order to hold threats at arms length. The World Power Grid is characterized as Dispersed. New actors are constantly appearing, alliances rapidly shift, and small actors can produce disproportionate effects. DTeK is Constrained because technological changes are occurring at an evolutionary rate, and not everyone benefits equally. The US government has not emphasized the funding of basic research and development (R&D), relying instead on commercial developments. This R&D strategy is repeated around the world, so the United States has maintained a military edge in many dual-use critical technologies, particularly those related to operations in space.

Figure 3-1. Strategic Planning Space for Gulliver's Travails

Plausible History

Gulliver's Travails is a world experiencing an explosion in the number of territories claiming statehood, as depicted in figure 3-2. The late twentieth century dismantling of the Soviet Union inaugurated a trend, as various groups sought to assert their national identity. States such as China and many African states continued to break apart, sometimes generating "micronations" that lacked the population or resources to defend their borders.8 In 2006, China fragmented along economic cleavages that had developed as industrialization and commercialization created distinctly different regions of financial development.9 Though Taiwan, Shanghai, and the other advanced Chinese states continue to espouse a "one China" philosophy, the current reality is that these regions cooperate where possible and compete when necessary.10

Figure 3-2. Plausible History for Gulliver's Travails

The constant formation of new states generated two primary threats. The first threat is state- and nonstate-sponsored terrorism. States use terror to control internal dissent and to influence nations with whom they cannot otherwise directly compete. Nonstate actors use terrorism to attack the legitimacy of governments they disagree with and to discourage other groups from supporting policies unfavorable to the terrorists.

The first large-scale terrorist incident on American soil was the biological attack launched at the 2002 Olympics in Utah, resulting in over a million American casualties, including a quarter-million dead.11 Though a link to the Dugway Proving Ground was originally suspected, foreign terrorists were later proven responsible.12 This incident sparked civil demands that authorities use all appropriate national instruments to deter and prevent terrorist acts within US borders. One step, taken in 2019, was to dedicate the training of specific National Guard units to antiterrorism efforts inside US borders. 13 Threats of terrorism, at home and abroad, continue to drive national security initiatives.

The second major threat is ethnic- and nationalistic-inspired border disputes such as the Turko-Kurdish problem which flared up in 2004 (see map at fig. 3-3). 14 Power continued to disperse in the world when NATO proved ineffective in resolving the Turko-Kurdish conflict. NATO had sufficient military resources, but the alliance was unable to muster the collective will to contain the conflict before it spilled across borders into Iraq, Iran, Syria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan, putting over 340 million people at risk.15

As the conflict continued without foreign intervention, chemical and biological weapons were used on the battlefield. Undeterred by world opinion, the use of these weapons threatened to become standard practice by 2011. At this point, a loosely linked United States-led coalition, including Russia, stepped in to announce that further use of these weapons would be met by severe reprisals. Though the conflict continued, no further chemical or biological incidents occurred, as the combatants proved reluctant to test the resolve of the coalition. The coalition was able to concentrate on containment until the war-weary states signed an armistice in 2012. However, a critical threshold had been passed, and in 2025 the actual or threatened use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) is standard in many conflicts. Only the nuclear threshold has not been crossed, due to the relatively slow spread of nuclear weapons technology and the apparent unwillingness of combatants to use nuclear devices. Some terrorist organizations have claimed to possess primitive nuclear devices, though they have not detonated one.

The latest round of African wars began in 2022, continuing to redraw the map lines created during the colonial era.16 As a consequence of these and similar conflicts, the resources of noncombatant nations around the world, particularly those states along the Mediterranean, are strained by mass migrations of refugees.17 Along with the problem of providing food and shelter for these refugees, the refugee camp conditions often spur the spread of diseases.18

The end result of all these economic restructurings, civil wars, wars of national liberation, wars of ethnic identification, and scenes of general xenophobic disorder is an unstable world, with threats from increasing numbers of actors in all quarters. Reflecting the growth in the number of actors, UN membership stands at 297.19

The Nature of Actors

The fates of three groups dominate the stage in Gulliver's Travails: terrorists, both state and nonstate; international organizations; and the United States. Though the European states and Japan remain key economic players in the world, domestic interests and constrained DTeK have hindered their economic growth. Both areas look to the United States for leadership in constraining terrorists, addressing worldwide refugee flows, and ensuring equitable access to resources. Both Russia and China have fractured along internal schisms and are not currently major global players.

Terrorism increases worldwide as relatively weak states seek to assert sovereignty, particularly with respect to the policies of the most visible world actor, the United States. Meanwhile, nonstate terrorists also commit heinous acts in the name of establishing their legitimacy, or attacking the legitimacy of a government whose policies they disagree with. Many suspect some of these international groups exist solely as extortion rings, accepting blackmail or ransom payments in return for releasing hostages to fortune.

International organizations have experienced mixed successes and failures in the unstable international environment. UN conflict resolution mechanisms and resources are saturated by the influx of new members, many of whom squabble with each other. The UN's credibility declines further when it cannot constrain state-sponsored or antistate terrorism.20

Temporary coalitions have become the order of the day as states operate from crisis to crisis. Some international organizations, such as the Red Cross, remain on the scene, often providing vital resources to coalitions combating famine and disease. These groups, however, are loath to cooperate with the United States on humanitarian missions lest they be accused of complicity with the Americans. The risk of becoming terrorist targets outweighs the value of access to American logistics.

Anxious to reduce the sources of local, regional, and international turmoil, many nations and states look to the United States for help in restoring stability and combating both state and nonstate terrorists, who have occasionally threatened to use WMD. The continuing terrorist threat guarantees domestic support for the US decision to assume a worldwide leadership role in trying to deal with global problems. Ever-increasing political, economic, and military resources are expended trying to control interstate conflicts, combat terrorism, and conduct other military operations.

The Nature of International Politics

The United States is, in effect, not a superpower because it cannot dictate its will to an increasingly uncooperative world. Relative to any single nation, however, the United States is an economic and military giant. US membership in alliances has been highly sought, particularly after this country successfully brokered an armistice in the Turko-Kurdish Wars. Some coalitions have formed to oppose US interests, but these were usually unstable due to their limited shared aims.

The Nature of US National Security Strategy

The strategic challenge in this world is to defend against WMD-equipped terrorists while maintaining a high operations tempo in other mission areas. Much of the high operations tempo is caused by numerous overseas involvements responding to constant border disputes brought on by rampant nationalism. These border disputes create massive refugee flows and generate taxing humanitarian and peace enforcement operations.

Therefore, the two principal dangers the military must address are regional instability and the transnational danger of terrorism.21 As a consequence, the primary national security objective is promoting stability, thereby supporting American partners and deterring aggressors who might export terrorism to America. To support this objective a strategy evolved for rapidly projecting power and civil-military operations capabilities, in combination or separately, as necessary. Projection is the mechanism of choice because it is dangerous to maintain concentrations of forces overseas, and most states will not accept permanent US military bases. Antigovernment and foreign terrorists have attacked governments that made basing concessions to the US.

The Nature of Humanity

An uneasiness regarding outsiders, akin to xenophobia, is a characteristic trait of neighborhoods in Gulliver's Travails. So is a fear of gathering in large groups, as many remember the terrorist attack at the 2002 Olympics. The threat of terrorist activity causes groups to trust only those they have known for years, preferably decades.

As a paradoxical consequence, American military members are both admired and mistrusted. They are admired because they enhance stability and safety, but they are mistrusted because permanent changes of station and temporary duty assignments prevent military members from forming close links in the communities where they serve. As a result of the general mistrust of strangers, families have become more important in this world.

The Nature of Technology

In the world of Gulliver's Travails, technology has grown at an evolutionary rate, perhaps due in part to the regulatory structure of government programs around the world. Others argue that disruptions in the world body politic have hindered DTeK, as governments concentrate on terrorist and border threats rather than supporting basic R&D. Evolutionary growth is the most important aspect of technology in Gulliver's Travails, but important developments have begun in at least one area, the exploitation of space.

In America, government funding of R&D, particularly basic research, generally lagged as a result of allocating funds to export military power in a quest to sustain internal security. However, America was able to maintain its lead in certain technologies because of the Constrained nature of DTeK, although that lead is eroding.

Elsewhere, other nations recognized that an indigenous computer and information industry was crucial to a state's long-term vitality, though the policies implemented were often counterproductive.22 For instance, states placed high tariffs on computer imports in attempts to protect nascent industries, but this resulted in reduced access to advances in the state of the art. Another regulatory miscue was seen in some locations where information was taxed to provide revenues, unintentionally stifling initiatives to develop the new industries so desperately sought. Attempts to contain terrorism led many nations to establish controls on the export of dual-use technologies, unintentionally acting as an additional brake on technology development. One readily evident consequence of poorly managed policies and economic competition between states was an information superhighway frequently overloaded with information, debilitated by computer viruses, and slowed by competing architectures.

Developments in space did not labor under similar quantities of regulation. The increased importance of transmitting information led the commercial sector to invest heavily in space communications. (In return for releasing bandwidth to the military, commercial firms now are financially compensated and are granted relief from antimonopoly laws to allow participation in government-sponsored consortiums to improve satellite defensive systems.) Some projects, however, required resources greater than venture capitalists were willing to risk. For example, four international space stations were developed under the aegis of the US government and placed in orbit by 2015.23 Groups that cooperated in this space infrastructure project included both traditionally friendly nations, such as the United Kingdom, and multinational corporations seeking competitive opportunities in zero-g technologies. Spin-off technologies from this effort continue to enhance US military capabilities.

The American military edge garnered by investments in space has not gone unnoticed by potential adversaries. Some states have deployed antisatellite systems (ASAT) to counter the force-multiplier effect of satellite coverage, and in response the United States has developed some satellite defensive systems. However, there remains little defense against inexpensive, nuclear-tipped ASATs.24

The Nature of the Environment

The United States has led efforts to coordinate actions to mitigate global warming and environmental degradation.25 Efforts to mitigate environmental damage are an issue the advanced states attempt to address in new states and inside their own borders. A general concern regarding the ecosphere allows the environment in Gulliver's Travails to be characterized as "green."26

Coordinated actions include providing aid to newly industrializing countries, usually in the form of technological know-how. This aid is considered mutually beneficial, providing new states with infrastructure investments and advanced nations with a more stable international political structure. All nations are presumed to benefit from efforts to minimize stress on the environment, particularly the attempt to control the trend in global warming.27

Many advanced countries used taxes to keep the price of fossil fuels artificially high, thereby restraining internal energy consumption. Environmentally friendly government policies created a market for alternate forms of energy including solar, wind, geothermal, oceanic, and biomass.28 Countries with large standing militaries used these forces as testbeds for many alternate energy programs, in addition to curtailing some training activities and closing some training ranges.29 In the United States, the military invested heavily in alternate forms of energy, including solar heat for buildings and hydrogen fuel for aerospace planes. In addition, the military closed energy-inefficient bases and consolidated some geographically proximate facilities.30

The Nature of the Defense Budget

During three decades of economic growth averaging 1.8 percent,31 the budget for the Department of Defense (DOD) sustained a slight decrease in constant year 1995 dollars (see fig. 3-4). To maintain readiness in the face of this decrease, DOD cut support for R&D and modernization programs. As a result, the military industrial base eroded and second- and third-tier contractors disappeared, while major suppliers consolidated horizontally.32 Had it not been for dual-use, off-the-shelf commercial technologies, the US military would already have had to make deeper cuts in readiness, force structure, and modernization programs. These tradeoff decisions were delayed after 2015 when DOD budgets began to increase at a rate approaching 2 percent real growth per year. This funding reflected the desire of the body politic to secure American borders by operating abroad. In 2025, the DOD budget represents just over 2.3 percent of gross domestic product.

Figure 3-4. DOD Budget (Constant FY95 $B) in Gulliver's Travails

The 2025 DOD budget is approximately $270 billion in 1995 dollars. Though this amount is essentially the same as in 1995, increased overseas commitments and high personnel costs strain the defense budget. Host nation support is unable to significantly defray DOD overseas expenditures because the US's driving motivation is to reduce the level of conflict around the world and thereby reduce the export of terrorism to America. Other nations realize this and are able to play on these fears to bargain for US financial concessions, such as aid packages, debt rescheduling, and other economic incentives.


Despite limited DOD budgets the military must be able to detect incipient crises and respond quickly once a situation is judged vital to US interests, acting before the crisis escalates unacceptably. The military must develop the equipment and skills to operate along the spectrum from peace operations to terrorist abatement to nuclear deterrence. Furthermore, maintaining a high operations tempo is a by-product of worldwide political instability that is exacerbated by the proliferation of nations.

The onset and monitoring of crises are primarily achieved through a combination of worldwide satellite coverage (both military and commercial networks) and human intelligence (HUMINT). Though DTeK is generally Constrained, significant US commercial and government investments in space allow the DOD to exploit the extant communications and sensor infrastructure. The large bandwidth, global coverage, and redundancy of the orbital systems effectively provide the military with worldwide intelligence coverage, on demand, all the time.

HUMINT often provides more warning time than satellite coverage, and also provides a human element regarding the motivations of the actors involved in precipitating a crisis. Furthermore, HUMINT may pinpoint the key actors responsible for the onset of a crisis, or provide details of planned actions. The combination of HUMINT and satellite-based intelligence provides the US government with the information leverage to forestall actions unfavorable to American interests. The US can generally secure cooperation from other countries for combined operations or gain acquiescence for unilateral US operations. The satellite systems then ensure that any necessary forces are kept cognizant of threats in the area of responsibility.

Once a crisis action area has been identified, assets must be transferred rapidly to the scene. In the majority of responses, light mobile ground forces are used to resolve the situation. In this alternate future, C-17 Globemasters and commercial air provide that rapid response.33 Rapid intervention sometimes allows forces to be withdrawn in days or weeks; thus long-term logistics support is usually not required, sparing the US considerable expense. In situations requiring operations enduring longer than three weeks, roll-on/roll-off (RO/ROs), container ships, and afloat prepositioned supplies are available to meet cargo requirements.34

Minimizing US forces' footprint is crucial so that personnel and equipment do not provide easy targets for groups using either conventional weapons or weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Whether intervening in a border dispute, supporting the legitimacy of a government through civil-military operations, or conducting counterterrorist actions, the military must remain prepared to operate in biological and chemical environments. That includes the detection and defusion of these WMD. American forces also deter and counter threats to cross the nuclear threshold, to include fielding a theater ballistic missile defense system where intelligence assets indicate a threat.35 To minimize threats to personnel, the military relies on survivable platforms with a rapid-response, precision strike capability, and on advanced unmanned aerial vehicles to perform missions from reconnaissance to air refueling.36

The variety of conflicts and missions presents a potential overcommitment dilemma for US forces. Overcommitment is particularly critical for the Marine Corps, the most frequently deployed service. The combination of good intelligence sources, a rapid deployment and redeployment capability, and precision strike capability address the equipment side of the equation. Personnel programs, such as weekly satellite video teleconferences, partially redress human issues such as extended family separations.


The proliferation of nations has yielded a Dispersed World Power Grid, a world wherein the US must rapidly detect, and react to, incipient crises before events deteriorate into a situation with negative consequences for America. As a result, DOD vitality depends on conducting coalition operations, adjusting to the operations tempo, and exploiting dual-use technologies.

Coalition operations dominate the military working environment. Consequently, professional military education emphasizes international affairs, diplomacy, and peacekeeping to the exclusion of nearly all else. Such skills are critical because most nations deny America basing rights. In fact, diplomatic passage of forces may threaten the success of some operational plans. Accordingly, combined task force commanders (CTFC) are sometimes dual-hatted as special envoys to provide them with the tools necessary to accomplish their missions. The actual mechanisms of military-to-military interactions also merit significant CTFC attention. The issue of intelligence crossflow is particularly volatile due to the fluid nature of coalitions; states may cooperate one day and compete the next.37 Interoperability issues are generally resolved through commercial communications systems, particularly space-based systems.38 To minimize conflicts between coalition partners, bilingualism is encouraged among US service members, and those service members are tracked using special identifiers; some are placed on a special leadership track.39

DOD has made adjustments to force structures and doctrine in order to sustain the high operations tempo with a limited budget. The tempo has adversely impacted training and readiness. In fact, adjustment factors to the "C" rating were developed that allow units to appear more ready than they really are, if the units have been deployed for more than 230 days in the past year.40 Meanwhile, the Marine Corps has increased in size because of the emphasis on light, rapid-reaction forces, while the Navy is about the same size as it was in 2010.41 Finally, the breadth of missions ensures reliance on reserves and civilian contractors, so CINCs were delegated greater authority to selectively call up Reserve and Guard forces.

Dual-use technologies are key to the success of the American military. Several policy decisions have contributed to the current ability of the DOD to maintain an adequate industrial base. First, military standards and specifications were eliminated. Second, multiyear procurements were adopted. Third, military science and technology relies on spin-offs of civilian R&D.42


In Gulliver's Travails the US attempts to act as a global policeman, but finds its power dissipated by the sheer number of actors. State- and nonstate-sponsored terrorists present one challenge, border conflicts another, and refugees a third. Limited defense budgets and the high operations tempo threaten the military's ability to continue successfully performing a variety of missions that deter activities counter to American interests. To date, evolutionary developments in dual-use technologies and adjustments in the concept of operations have provided a continued military edge, but this edge could evaporate quickly. In many ways, Gulliver's Travails is similar to the world of 1996.


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20. The Tofflers believe that unless the UN is dramatically restructured it will continue to play a smaller role in whatever future the world finds itself in. Toffler and Toffler, 250.
21. Patterned after The National Military Strategy of the United States of America (Washington, D.C.: US Government Printing Office, 1995).
22. Strategic Assessment 1995 notes several instances in which government policies have proven either counterproductive or only partially effective. Strategic Assessment 1995, 198-205.
23. The launch date for the first US-sponsored space station is November 1997. That schedule might be delayed if Russia cannot provide the module for which they are responsible. "World in Brief: Space Station Push," The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 27 March 1996.
24. Space-borne ASATs present a greater technical challenge to successfully field than land-based ASATs. Objects in space are normally separated by large distances and "due to the energy requirements, satellites normally are not very maneuverable relative to their orbital path." Electronic message, Col Gerald Hasen et al., 2025 Technology Team, Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, 9 April 1996. Some computer systems in satellites can be made resistant to certain nuclear effects by replacing silicon-based devices with ferroelectric materials. For instance, ferroelectric materials are resistant to electromagnetic pulse (EMP) effects. They are also nonvolatile, meaning their memory is not altered following a power loss. That nonvolatility is a major reason commercial firms are developing these materials. Such a development would be typical of the DOD’s reliance on dual-use technologies in many of the alternate futures. Kevin C. Smith, Response Surface Study of Fatigue in Ferroelectric Memory Devices (Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio: Air Force Institute of Technology, 1992).
25. From 1880 to 1987, the observed global average temperatures rose about 3 degrees Fahrenheit. By 2025, projections for further warming range from 1 degree to 5.5 degrees. If the greenhouse effect culminates in melting the ice caps, then 37 island states would literally disappear, simultaneously driving 72 million Chinese from their homes. Other nations would also be impacted. Papp, 556.
26. Marvin Cetron asserts that "the international treaty signed at Rio in 1992 was only the first step toward environmental cooperation on a global scale." Marvin Cetron, 74 Trends that will Affect America’s Future--and Yours--in the Year 2000 (Bethesda, Md.: World Future Society, 1994), 3.
27. At the end of the June 1992 Rio Earth Summit, over 150 states signed a treaty "calling for countries to reach agreement on climate improvement and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions." Papp, 558.
28. An example of biomass is the conversion of grain into alcohol for use as a fuel. William Hoagland, "Solar Energy," Scientific American, September 1995, 137.
29. Strategic Assessment 1995, 184.
30. DOD just completed its third and final round of base closures and realignments under current legislation. This last round affected 146 domestic military installations. Where possible, functions and operations were consolidated to reduce infrastructure. Another important consideration was operating costs. The Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard units at Chicago O’Hare International airport was closed because of high costs associated with heating facilities and plowing runways. Other facilities were closed or realigned because of similar concerns about operating costs associated with energy or environmental mitigation. Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission, 1995 Report to the President (Arlington, Va.: The Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission, 1995), ix, 94-95.
31. From 1985-1993 the US economy grew at a rate of 2.3 percent annually. Gulliver’s Travails experiences lower rates due to the Constrained DTeK. Appendix B provides some sensitivity analysis for various growth rates. Statistical Abstract of the United States 1995 (Washington, D.C.: US Government Printing Office, 1995).
32. One group believes such a shake-out is already in progress, inspired by the "adverse structural characteristics of defense contracting." Summarized, the bureaucratic and regulatory process minimizes profits, particularly with declining production runs in areas that benefit only when economies of scale are rewarded. Strategic Assessment 1995, 203.
33. C-17s provide lift for the outsize cargo that will not fit on commercial carriers, and commercial aircraft transport carry the majority of passengers, bulk, and oversize equipment. Bulk cargo can be palletized or containerized; oversized cargo is generally not palletized and can fit on most commercial aircraft. Some oversize equipment requires C-5 or C-17 cargo bay capabilities. Cargo that must be moved by sea lift is usually either too large or too heavy to move by air, or doing so would be inefficient. Commercial aircraft are financially compensated via the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) program. In Gulliver’s Travails this compensation includes federally provided insurance coverage in the event an aircraft is damaged or destroyed. More information on air and sea lift can be found in the following four texts: Col John A. Warden et al., Concepts in Airpower for the Campaign Planner (Maxwell AFB, Ala.: Air Command and Staff College, 1993); Lt Col John L. Cirafici, Airhead Operations (Maxwell AFB, Ala.: Air University Press, 1995); Air Vice Marshal R. A. Mason, Air Power: An Overview of Roles (McLean, Va.: Pergamon-Brassey’s International Defense Publishers, 1987); and Lt Col Donald E. Ryan, The Airship’s Potential for Intertheater and Intratheater Airlift (Maxwell AFB, Ala.: Air University Press, 1993).
34. RO/ROs are considered fast sea lift and during Desert Storm generally reached the Kuwaiti theater of operations within three weeks from departing the CONUS. Container ships are similar to the breakbulk cargo ships of WW II, except that containerization has decreased port time from as much as 60 percent of a voyage, to less than 10 percent. There are no prepositioned overseas materiel configured for unit sets (POMCUS) in this world. Until 2008 these supplies were located in Europe, in support of NATO contingencies, but POMCUS was removed as part of the fallout of NATO’s inability to contain the Turko-Kurdish conflict that started in 2004. Lt Col Ryan, in his thesis for the School of Advanced Airpower Studies, proposes the use of dirigibles as an alternate lift asset that is significantly faster than sea lift, yet carries more cargo than a C-5 for a fraction of the airframe manufacturing cost. Dirigibles might be a very useful, and practical, tool in this alternate future. For more information on dirigibles and sea lift consult Ryan.
35. While commander in chief of US Space Command in the mid-1990s, Gen Kutyna provided testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee indicating an ever-increasing threat from third world tactical ballistic missile systems. Given the 30 years until 2025, that problem is only likely to intensify. Maj James P. Marshall, "Near Real-Time Intelligence of the Tactical Battlefield," Theater Air Campaign Studies (Maxwell AFB, Ala.: Air Command and Staff College), 234.
36. The first UAVs or remotely piloted vehicles (RPVs) were designed in the 1930s when the Royal Air Force conducted experiments with radio-controlled drones. During WW II over 14,000 of these RPVs were delivered to the US Army and Navy. In 1987, Lockheed was developing the Aquila for the US Army to carry a "high-resolution TV camera, a laser for target ranging and designation and multimode video tracker." The entire package was to weigh less than 70 pounds, have an ultra-low radar cross section, and have an endurance of three hours at a range of 30 miles. Such a package is easily carried to the war zone; most of the baggage consists of equipment vans for the controllers. UAVs have several advantages: reduced manpower requirements, less vulnerability when airborne, reduced aircrew exposure, lower training requirements, significantly lower fuel requirements. To date they suffer from restricted payloads, vulnerabilities to jamming, and inflexibility in the face of the unknown. However, is quite likely that deficiencies will be overcome in the years of technical development preceding 2025. Mason, 84-88. Also, the New World Vistas report by the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board is highly optimistic regarding the future development of unmanned or "uninhabited" aerospace vehicles. See New World Vistas: Air and Space Power for the 21st Century, Summary Volume (Washington, D.C.: Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, 1995), 34-36.
37. The distribution of power within a coalition shifts between members over time, particularly as objectives approach completion and assessments are made in light of a changed situation. As a result, "your partner today could be your enemy tomorrow." Vicki J. Rast and Maj Bruce R. Sturk, "Coalitions: The Challenge of Effective Command and Control in Support of the Air Campaign," in Maj Glenn Cobb, ed., Theater Air Campaign Studies (Maxwell AFB, Ala.: Air Command and Staff College, 1995), 170.
38. Increased reliance on space-based systems is in line with prognostications by many. Toffler, 158.
39. Desert Storm bilingual personnel were vital liaisons, aiding mutual understanding and acting as translators for intelligence information that flowed between the coalition partners. Rast, 173.
40. This is a 1996 problem, identified in Joint Pub 1 amongst other publications, magnified by the greater number of actors in 2025. Joint Warfare of the US Armed Forces (Washington, D.C.: National Defense University Press, 1991), 3.
41. Some suggest that the services will evolve towards an "interservice centralized military command." Schwartau, 29.
42. Some analysts believe those three steps are just a few that should be taken by the year 2000. These steps seem plausible by 2025 in Gulliver’s Travails, given the reliance on commercial derivatives to support most military operations. Strategic Assessment 1995, 203; and Toffler, 167. Adm William A Owens noted in 1995 that the center of technical acceleration generally lies in the commercial, nondefense sector. Adm William A. Owens, "The Emerging System of Systems," in Maj Glenn Cob, ed., Theater Air Campaign Studies (Maxwell AFB, Ala.: Air Command and Staff College, 1995), 205-209.

WTC South Tower Floor 78 - Kryptonite Elevator Sign that survived the fires that melted 47 enormous columns behind it.

This elevator sign out performed the core of the building!

The largest of the 47 core columns were 18"x36", with steel walls 4" thick ... all » near the base and tapering in thickness toward the top, and were anchored directly to the bedrock.

Making them one of the world’s largest heat sinks.

Apparently the heat was too intense for the steel columns and they all melted at the same instant, bringing down the building.

Maybe they should have made the core out of the same material this sign is made of.

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Google developing eavesdropping software

Comment The first thing that came out of our mouths when we heard that Google is working on a system that listens to what's on your TV playing in the background, and then serves you relevant adverts, was "that's cool, but dangerous".

Full story

Alex Jones predicts 9/11

Bohemian Grove Exposes Itself!: Former BG employee tells all that he knows

For more than a century, the Bohemian Grove, a 2,700-acre forest retreat in Sonoma County, has served as the stomping grounds of California’s richest men. The private, all-male club, founded in 1872 by a pair of San Francisco journalists, has a secret membership whose ironic primary directive is to never speak with reporters. The secrecy surrounding the group has given rise to rumors of homosexuality and bizarre rituals involving satanism and human sacrifice.

There’s even speculation that the Bohemian Grove is actually an offshoot of a secret cult stretching back through history to ancient Egypt. Google the group, and you’ll find that its members have included numerous former U.S. presidents and various masters of industry. Dig deeper, and you’ll discover that it’s actually a playground for an elite cabal plotting New World Order global domination alongside the Elders of Zion, Knights Templar, Freemasons and Illuminati.

The Grove’s motto—“Weaving Spiders Come Not Here”—taken from a play by Shakespeare, was originally intended as an admonition against members discussing business at the club. Yet the Grove’s guest list suggests that matters of national and even global policy are indeed discussed there. The most famous example, privately confirmed by Bohemian Grove members—or “Bohos” as they refer to themselves—is the Manhattan Project, which supposedly met there when they decided to drop the A-bomb on Hiroshima.

Recent guest speakers at the Grove from the current White House alone include Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove and George W. Bush himself. In years past, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon are all known to have attended the festivities. A highlight of the Bacchanalia is the famed “Cremation of Care” ceremony, where hooded priests burn a coffin-like effigy in front of a giant stone statue of an owl. There’s also a Shakespearean drag ensemble called the “High Jinks” and the “Low Jinks” comedy festival involving masked performances by giddy, inebriated politicians. “[I]t is the most faggy goddamn thing that you would ever imagine,” Nixon later remarked.

Few outsiders have ever violated the Grove’s heavily guarded perimeter. The most famous infiltration occurred in June 2000, when Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist and Texas-based radio host, penetrated the camp with a video camera, an episode hilariously captured by British writer Jon Ronson in his 2002 book, Them: Adventures With Extremists. Jones managed to film the “Cremation of Care” ceremony, obtaining a few minutes of grainy footage of a giant stone owl surrounded by men in bright robes, the flames from their torches reflected in a lake, their ominous chanting half-obscured by the croaking of unseen bullfrogs. “The global elite that attend the Grove have their fingers on the nuclear launch codes,” Jones later said. “Is it not therefore in the interest of the American people and the wider world that the veil of secrecy which shadows the activities inside the Bohemian Grove be brought to light and exposed for what it is?”

In an unprecedented journalistic coup, OC Weekly recently tracked down a former employee of the Bohemian Grove. One of the few insiders to ever pull the veil back from this nefarious conspiracy to enslave mankind, the Orange County resident begged us not to identify her by name, out of fear, we presume, that she’d be eliminated by the secret society’s shadowy leaders.

Tell us something that only someone who’s been inside the Bohemian Grove would know.

That owl [statue] is plastic. It’s not a rock. It’s like what they have at Disneyland. Even the rocks around the lake have speakers inside them. The noise from these mysterious frogs that don’t seem to get squashed on the road are really speakers. They aren’t frogs. You go to chase the frog, and it just disappears and the noise comes from somewhere else. Also, they have hotels nearby where hookers stay, and members leave the camp to see them. It’s not something that the club organizes or condones, but it happens every year.

When did you first learn about the Bohemian Grove?

When I was a kid, my best friend told me about it. Both her dad and grandfather were members. She told me her dad would come home from the Grove every summer with funny stories about the place. They had all these musicians up there. She said it was basically band camp for big boys, a summer camp full of adult musicians and actors. Her family was really artistic. These were people I had grown up around. They used to have these singing parties all the time.

How did you end up getting a job there?

I went to college in San Francisco and didn’t know anybody up there. I met this girl from OC who said she worked at this private men’s club in San Francisco. I asked which one and she said the Bohemian Club, and I just laughed. It was such a coincidence! It’s actually called the City Club, but it’s Bohemian. I asked my friend if they were looking for any help and ended up getting a job there. I was just trying to pay for college. I didn’t tell anybody except my friend that I already knew about the Bohemian Grove.

During the off-season, there isn’t anything happening at the Grove, but a lot of members hang out at the City Club. They can get keys and go up to the camp, but if they bring female guests, they have to be off the grounds by 9 or 10 p.m. I ended up working at the Grove that summer. I rented a place nearby because they do not provide housing for female employees, except managers and interns. Guerneville is a gay resort town. Everybody was really friendly there. I made a ton of money because I was working really long days. I’d show up at 7 a.m. and work until 8 at night. I worked in the Dining Circle. There was tons of produce and all the liquor in the world, lots of wine. If someone said, “Hey, we’re out of Maker’s Mark,” we’d send over another bottle, or 10.

Experts say the Bohemian Grove is a secret society where world leaders plot global domination. How exciting was it to be around global plot-hatchers all summer?

It was just a bunch of rich guys hanging out and partying. You have all these different camps inside with different names like a fraternity system. They have a camp for the guys who do the lighting for the Cremation of Care, one for the entertainers, one for guys from Stanford. The Cremation of Care is the kickoff ceremony and has the same basic script every year. Care is a great big monster and the guys try to burn Care so they can party for three weeks. And Care says, “You can’t kill me; I’ll be back in three weeks!” and at the end of three weeks they have to go back to their jobs and Care returns.

Other than that, they all just spend weeks getting drunk and playing music, drinking at the bar. It’s not as important as everyone makes it sound. You’re working for a bunch of old guys, and occasionally you recognize one from television or whatever. Some famous musician might be playing at one of the camps, and they’d listen for a while and then fall down drunk and pass out. There are always guys walking around pissing on trees. They have these plays where the men dress up like women and entertain the other men.

Some of this stuff sounds pretty homoerotic. Does the club allow gays to join?

Sure, of course. It’s an artistic club, so that’d be hard to avoid. There are members who are less accepting of this than others. But in general, it’s like any club where you are asked to pay high dues. You’re going to have more old white guys than anyone else, but there are all kinds of other races represented too. It has about 2,700 members. You can’t get wait-listed to join until you’re 21 years old, but there’s a 15- to 20-year waiting list. There’s a newsletter sent out on who wants to join, and if three people don’t want you, you have to reapply.

The reason people are so suspicious about the Bohemian Grove is they don’t know anything about it and the members are really secretive. Journalists can’t join the club. And they don’t respond to any of the rumors because they don’t want the attention. There are always these protesters outside chanting “Racist, sexist and anti-gay,” and that’s just ridiculous. As far as the club not allowing women to join, I don’t have a problem with that either. If you threw 3,000 women into the forest with all these guys pissing on trees for three weeks, it’d be chaos.
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