Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Warning To The World Heeded As Leaders Expose State Terror Chavez, Ahmadinejad cite 9/11 in attempt to counter fake war provocations

Fearing that they are the next targets of the U.S. led imperial new world order, leaders of foreign nations are beginning to understand that by drawing attention to the use of staged provocations and state terror, they may be able to move one step ahead in the world of public opinion and avoid the wrath of the Neo-Fascists.

In July of 2005 we released an article entitled 'A Warning to the World' which called for, "all governments who still operate outside of the control of the Globalists to come forward and join humanity in unveiling the real terrorists who are attempting to deform the world into a prison planet."

This was a plea for all credible whistleblowers, and especially those within government, to shine a spotlight on the true face of terrorism.

"We are calling on all whistleblowers to reveal themselves now and stand with us in the corner of truth and the future of this species. These bastards are indiscriminate killers and withholding information only paints a bigger target on your forehead. Your words need to be heard."

"On a governmental level the challenge is here before you. Either scream from the rooftops about government orchestrated terrorism or sit back and watch your country become a victim of it as it is wrestled away from your hands and placed in the domain of a black and cancerous global dictatorship."

That challenge is now being answered not simply because of our article but due to increased exposure of 9/11 and a clearer understanding of how governments create crises in order to justify wars.

The crescendo of credible individuals blowing the whistle on government sponsored terror has increased exponentially.

Not only did we witness a coming together of academics, scientists and former government officials with the birth of the Scholars for 9/11 truth, but a number of world leaders used their platforms to warn the world of western state sponsored terror.Full article


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