Sunday, January 30, 2005

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: President Roosevelt Set Up "Concentration Camps" For Americans

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: Bush Inauguration Video Television Forgot To Show You


Thursday, January 27, 2005

Woken sheeple needs a couple of team members

I need a couple of people to help gather news about the nwo and global tyranny for our blog (I say "our blog" because that's what it is), It would help a lot For when I'm not around like last weekend and just to help post news and promote the site. There's been so much news lately its hard to keep up on it all. So if you would like to help and become a team member use the contact link on the right and email me and let me know if you would like to help.

woken sheep

Sens. to Introduce 'Stop Government Propaganda Act'

Behind The Rhetoric: Return Of Internment Camps In Britain

Communists severely beat mourner

Guantanamo Soldier Details Sexual Tactics

Raed in the Middle/Early Elections, Sham Elections

Neo-Con Torture Rhetoric Alarmingly Mirrors Nazi Counterparts

raed in the middle

Annals of National Secrecy

Seymour Hersh: "We've Been Taken Over by a Cult"

Israeli leader says lesson is Jews can only rely on themselves

Israel refuses to rule out attack on Iran

The Push for mass Doublethink: "Bush targets tyranny"

Developing world births 'falling'

Attorney General Approved Despite Abuse Concerns

Chirac calls for global tax to fight AIDS

Iranian Source Says Tehran Plans To Fly Plane Into US Nuclear Reactor

Elitists Given 'New World Order' Commemorative Rifle

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Very interesting predictions

Our enconomy for dummys

Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy

Iran warns of "astonishing" retaliation if attacked

Soldiers 'told to give captives good kicking'

OPINION : Prepare for life in a police state: Court allows drug dogs in all traffic stops

Boys arrested for stick figure drawings

Unholy Empire

Black Americans Suspect HIV Was Man-Made

Israeli psychological warfare unit set up

2015: RFID is all over - make way for super RFID

US clothes firm comes clean on RFID plans

Saudi Suicide Bomber Claims Zarqawi was Captured, Then Released

'I can't get used to my face': poisoned Ukrainian president

Amendment to Allow Schwarzenegger to Run for President Gains Momentum

French send Diana crash car to England as investigations into her death continue

Source: Iraqi Election 'A Done Deal'; Villagers Forced To Vote For Allawi To Keep Food Ration

Officer Threatens To Arrest Woman For Anti-Bush Sticker

Reining In Cheney

WorldWatch Report Says War On Terror Diverting Attention From Poverty, Disease,



FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: Exclusive: Iraq's Upcoming Elections Are NOT Democratic!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark Calls For Bush Impeachment

Iraqi forces 'committing abuse

23 at Guantanamo Attempted Suicide in 2003

Fermi nuclear power plant shut down after coolant plant

Author airs conspiracy theory on Im’s death

Video appears to show U.S. hostage in Iraq

Two more years for U.S. troops in Iraq

Saudi Suicide Bomber Claims Zarqawi was Captured, Then Released

US and UK 'ignore torture by Iraqi police'

Major 'destroyed abuse evidence'

Plowers warning: Cops are watching

Woman charged with holding an apple while driving

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: Plane Forced to Land; Dirty Bomb Link Investigated

The sheep is ill

im really sick right now thats why i havent posted any news. Ill try to keep poting from free press and giving you somthing.Ill be back soon just need few days.

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: U.S. Had 33 Years To Prepare For 9/11

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: U.S. Had 33 Years To Prepare For 9/11

Monday, January 24, 2005

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: Author Theorizes 40 Microbiologists Killed Before Unleashing "The Ultimate Epidemic."

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: Secret Unit Expands Rumsfeld's Domain

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: Who made VW suicide-bomber ad?

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: Why Didn't The Allies Bomb Auschwitz?

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: Pentagon Creates Spy Branch -- Public Not Told

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: Enemy soldiers to be microwaved: report

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: Codebreaker unlocks the 3,000 secrets of US military vocabulary

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: 9/11 families support FBI whistleblower

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: 23 at Guantanamo Attempted Suicide in 2003

fallujah video raed found

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Outcry over creation of GM smallpox virus

Remains of ten bodies at Ben Franklin's home

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: DEA agent pleads guilty in Phoenix

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: DEA mum on recent city raids

Raed in the Middle

Republican National Committee registered, network firm says

'Philly 5' win 1 in court Judge lifts bail restriction on Christians who protested homosexual event

Should Anti-Bush Journalists Be Tried as "Spies"?

Text Messaging Lets Iraqis Tip Authorities

KGB Chieftain Finds Home at Homeland Security

Plan one step from ID card

Satan Displays Bush 'Hook 'em' Hand Gesture; Is The Devil a UT Fan Too?

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: Haitian National Police Using Hitler's Salute

Friday, January 21, 2005

Canola Oil - A must Read

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: Associated Press Confused by Bush Salute?


Bush salute a Satan sign? Norwegians think so

UN inspectors now looking at nuclear lab in Egypt: diplomats

Cheney voices concern that Israel may attack Iran

Police Use Pepper Spray at Bush Inauguration

Inauguration Protests Dubbed Out By TV Networks?

Bush Makes Veiled 'New World Order' Reference In Speech
"We have confidence because freedom is the permanent hope of mankind, the hunger in dark places, the longing of the soul. When our Founders declared a new order of the ages, when soldiers died in wave upon wave for a union based on liberty, when citizens marched in peaceful outrage under the banner "Freedom Now" -- they were acting on an ancient hope that is meant to be fulfilled. "

A New Order of the Ages

The Latin motto "novus ordo seclorum" was suggested by Charles Thomson when he put together the final design for the reverse side of the Great Seal in June 1782:

"On the base of the pyramid the numerical letters MDCCLXXVI & underneath the following motto. 'novus ordo seclorum'"

The motto has been traced to Virgil, the renowned Roman poet who lived in the first century B.C. – to a line in his Eclogue IV, the pastoral poem that expresses the longing of the world for a new era of peace and happiness.

"Magnus ab integro seclorum nascitur ordo."

Virgil's line has been translated in different ways, including:
The great series of ages begins anew.
The ages' mighty march begins anew.
A mighty order of ages is born anew.
The majestic roll of circling centuries begins anew.

"Novus" means: new, young, fresh, novel.

"Ordo" means: series, row, order.

"Seclorum, a shortened form of seculorum (sæculorum), is the plural of seculum (sæculum), means: generations, centuries, ages.

Thomson, a Latin expert, coined the motto: "novus ordo seclorum"
and explained its meaning:

"The date underneath [the pyramid] is that of the Declaration of Independence and the words under it signify the beginning of the new American Æra, which commences from that date."

The official English translation of "novus ordo seclorum" is:

"A new order of the ages"

Illuminati Devil Hand Signals Prevalent Throughout Inauguration

Protesters Target Bush's Inauguration


she was arrested at the parade for wearing a shirt that said "president bush you killed my son" with a picture of her sons face. i ask you where is the democracy in that? where is the first amemdment in that?

Hacktivists deface Republican web sites


Thursday, January 20, 2005

turn on abc right now

they are doing a huge piece on biometrics

Raed in the Middle

Ten Things We Learned About 911 In 2004

Emperor sworn in surrounded by deserted streets

Chemtrails a pilots view

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: USA Secretly Entering 10 Sovereign Countries?

A movie everyone should see!

Paradise Lost

Iran issues sharp warning to US over any military action

US attack against Iran would destabilize world: Iranian ambassador

When Big Brother starts outsourcing its snooping

Outraged Fallujah Resident Shoots Two US Soldiers; American Troops Gun Him Down

Woman who accused Russia of bomb plot wins asylum

Bush protesters taking to streets across country

World fears new Bush era

Gonzales excludes CIA from rules on prisoners

Iraq pictures 'shocking', PM says

All the pictures of abuse

US troops shoot mother in front of children

Abuse of Iraqi civilians by soldiers was not confined to one camp, says colonel

San Francisco Considering Handgun Ban

New York opens fire on gun manufacturers

The "Other" Inauguration

Comparative productivity

IMF, World Bank Come Under Heavy Criticism

Will the Inaugural Protests Be Covered?

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: There Will Be Another Large Terrorist Attack On The USA

Fallows: Will Iran Be Next?

Laura Bush: 1963, ran stop sign & killed boyfriend

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Simplifying the case against Dick Cheney

Mourning The Militants


For some reason ABC News is the only major corporate news outlet covering the developments in Kashmir. As I wrote in the proposal for my new film, Line of Control,

“The once paradisial valley of Kashmir, with its serene lake and majestic mountain range, is now a wartorn battleground occupied by more than a half-million soldiers. The people, formerly a harmonious – if religiously diverse – society are victims of daily artillery barrages and massacres of women and children. While India claims to be protecting its sovereign territory and Pakistan agitates for elections mandated by the UN, separatist groups wage a guerrilla war to gain the country’s independence from both.”

With a large outpouring of grief over the recent deaths of militant fighters, the situation in Kashmir is probably the most dangerous regional conflict in the world.

Senator Boxer Shows Conde Rice To Be A Liar

Bolivians Win Water War II

Dean Campaign Made Payments To Two Bloggers

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: Arnold Schwarzenegger Now A 'Real' Terminator?


Jeb Bush and election 2008

Bush-Clinton team may have future assignments

Take your best shot at the U.N.

The Angel Light

Blue Gold: whoever controls water is going to be very rich and very powerful

Americans are trying to discredit me, claims Chief Scientist


How To Avoid the Draft Or National Service

Official confirms Allawi shot six dead

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: Bush Inauguration: Freedom Of Assembly For The Rich

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: Missiles deployed for inauguration

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Republican party logo changed for satan?

I was watching Satanism in the CIA by Ted Gunderson and he stated that the republican party logo was changed recently so that the stars on the elephant are now inverted as you can see here

But I couldn't seem to find an image of the old republican party logo on the net anywhere. Except on one site, click here
they had the new one in a banner right next to another banner with the old one. State sponsored GOP sites have their logos without the elephant with the stars facing upwards . Apparently someone forgot to tell the little guys that Satan took over?
If anyone can find any other old image of this logo before they changed it I would appreciate it.

Marine determined to die rather than return to Iraq Commits Suicide by Cop

Occult Ceremony "Consecrates" Austin's New City Office

Bush Won't Rule Out Action Against Iran Over Nukes

Fingerprinting Plays Key Role in Biometrics Boom

Opinion: Big Brother wants national ID cards

Seymour Hersh's latest article disputed

US Plays Down Reports Of Attack On Syria

US rebuts 'Iran covert op' claim


Stanley Hilton's 9/11 Suit Dismissed, Appeal Pending

US 'won't dare attack Iran'

No devil in ID cards, says Russian church

Give Big Brother The Middle Finger

BBC report on the "convenience" and "fun" an implantable Microchip will provide

Police will be able to fingerprint suspects using roadside scanners under new Bill

Ex-KGB and STASI Chiefs under chertofff

Saddam to be moved to Qatar U.S. base

Iraqi Resistance Rejects Alleged Zarqawi Alliance

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: "I Don't Think People Will Feel An Encampment Mentality."


FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: World Leaders Fascination With Nazi Death Camps

Friday, January 14, 2005

Why The Outrage Now? Nobody Cares About Fascist Symbols In The House Of Representatives

U.S. veteran: “We’re committing genocide in Iraq”

Bush Admin Hiring of ex kgb

Shred the Constitution, win a promotion

Patriot Act Bars US Woman from drivers license

Aberdeen: Local board members needed

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: Touchy subject of royal links with Nazi Germany

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: Edward VIII was admirer of Hitler

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: Thatcher fined over 'coup plot'

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: President Bush supporting global communist domination

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: Video: NBC news report about drugs and the CIA - features Ricky Ross, Cele Castillo, John Kerry, and Gary Webb.

Here we go!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Allawi group slips cash to reporters

Harry The Nazi: It Runs In The Family

They Say They Can Lock You Up for Life Without a Trial

U.S. Plans Tidal Wave of Nuclear Proliferation

New Year's Revelations

Herold's War

Death on the Living Room Floor

This January 20th, let's bring anarchy to the streets of DC - make resistance visible, and ring in the next four years with a smash!

Architect of Patriot Act to replace Tom Ridge as secretary of Homeland Security

Commentary:Why are there no fundraisers for the Iraqi dead?

Russian Missile Deliveries to Syria Sparks Crisis With Israel

Big Brother coming to NH

Motion filed for Philadelphia protesters

NSW 'a police state'

Explosive fireball said to shake Earth

US guard unit defies rule on filming of soldiers' coffins: report

US Drops Cluster Bombs On Neighborhoods In Fallujah; Apache Shot Down

Harry says sorry for Nazi costume

Touchy subject of royal links with Nazi Germany

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Proof that the we dont need oil or nuclear power.

Uncle Sam wants your data - all year 'round

I see another nation to build!

Abu Ghraib inmates recall torture

1000 Days of Hell

White House Says Iraq Weapons Search Over

Associated Press audio feed

Grenade Launchers At Bush Inauguration

Free Press International

A soldier shows his M4 firearm equipped with a M203 grenade launcher to be present at the upcoming Bush Presidential Inauguration on January 20, 2005.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, described security as unprecedented. "Security will be at the highest levels of any inauguration."

The Federal Aviation Administration has announced a 23-mile radius no-fly zone, around Reagan National, Dulles and Baltimore-Washington International airports.

Source: Security Info Watch, Reuters

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler

FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL: Microbiologists Dead List...developing

How Our Schools Create Sheeple

More Bizarre Psychological Testing so the Globalists Can Figure Out How to Break the Human Spirit

MIT Making Computer Parts from DNA

Earthquakes and tsunamis

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Rep. Paul Denounces National ID

Marine Would Rather Die Than Go Back To Iraq

Abbas makes peace offer to Israel

ID card 'army' despite no approval

OPINION : John Kerry is a demon: deciphering conspiracy theories

Secret Service To Prohibit Cross Displays At Bush Inauguration

DC Police Profiling Metro Riders With New Methods

Lawyer: Iraqi Abuse Was Like Act of 'Cheerleaders'

Wisc. Police Cite War Protester for Sign

Another man dies in police custody

What's in your wallet? Maybe a national I.D. card

Fallujah: Orwell's 1984 Revisited

Baghdad's deputy police chief has been killed outside his home in the south of the Iraqi capital.

Secret service link to film-maker's killing

Yeltsin killed man in 'drunken hit and run', biographer claims

Yet Another Top Microbiologist Dead

Guantanamo Britons free in weeks

>>UFO Documents Index

Torture plane owners may be CIA front

Congress passes `doomsday' plan

1.3 Million Declassified Documents

Declassified: JFK To USS Liberty

Bush inappropriate comment

Monday, January 10, 2005

Conspiracy theories have a hold of post-Saddam Iraq

Time: Person Of the Year

Arrogant bush!

Mass Manipulation

According to our gov. youre a terrorist!

good buddies
Rape of iraqi pow!
Rape of iraqi pow!
Carlyle groups logo Posted by Hello

Southern Baptists called tsunami "a phenomenal opportunity"

85-year-old says police roughed him up

‘The Salvador Option’

UPDATE 2-Halliburton wins drilling tender in Iran-official

Newsweek: Dubya, Bubba Now Best Buddies

U.S. forces mistakenly kill 8 Iraqis after convoy bombed


Video: The Mind Control Television Network

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Terror suspects' trials are 'unfair' , say judges

Let bin Laden stay free,says ex-No. 3 CIA man:

US denies ‘foreknowledge’ of Asian tsunami

The man who predicted the tsunami

Earth still vibrating after Asia quake

Al-Jazeera's tsunami conspiracy theories

U.S. Admits Bombing Wrong House Near Mosul; Five Killed

U.S. Soldier Given Six Months for Assaulting Iraqi

Vatican offers course in Satanism and exorcism

German neo-Nazis 'live out their SS fantasies' in the Czech Republic

Texas audit cites improper use of millions in homeland security funds

African Crisis Much Worse Than Sumatra Earthquake

Floating Tsunami Sensors Theory Doesn't Hold Water?

Hurricane-force winds lash Europe; 7 dead

Weather Goes Wild

Saturday, January 08, 2005

2,051 'Known' Nuclear Tests!

Texas audit cites improper use of millions in homeland security funds

India and Iran sign $40b LNG deal

Big brother is watching ... and sending help to motorists

Abu Ghraib scandal suspect was just "following orders" - lawyer

Ten middle school students strip searched for missing $10 bill

Police Begin Fingerprinting on Traffic Stops

OKC Bombshell Implicates Feds In Murrah Blast

Guilty plea in fatal Masons' initiation shooting

Report: U.N. troops exploited Congo girls


We take sides...Yours!

Friday, January 07, 2005

Crisis with Russia sparks special high-level meeting

Radio Frequency ID enters second phase

5 years ago... Clinton to give grants to trainee cyber-snoopers

Truro abuzz over 'swab' DNA testing

A Security Blanket for Pennsylvania Avenue

Bush team scolded for disguised TV report

Furore over `tidal bomb' claims

Experts in mind control to be called in Wesson trial

Citizens of Diego Garcia were 'evicted' in the 1960s to make way for a US airbase.

The truth about the arc of the covenant

U.S. Army shuts down Iraq medic's blog

Revealed: flawed intelligence exposes the scandal of Belmarsh detainees

US army doctors participated in torture at detention centres

BURNING AWAY OUR LIBERTIES does the avg. american even care?

Depleted Uranium Deaths Examined

Social Security Administration utilizes RFID

Conspiracy theorists see dark forces behind tsunami disaster


Burin Vejbanterng , the Thai official in charge

M$ Windows XP Professional Bugging Device?

Cover-up of Original Atomic Bomb Effects in New York Times Rings True Today

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Declassified MK-Ultra Project Documents:

i found these while surfing if you just go to it seems to be some kind of art site its wierd any way check it out.

Ann Coulter Calls For North Korea To Be "Nuked For Fun," Attacks Tsunami Victims

Egyptian paper: Israel-India nuke test caused tsunami

Others Are Engaging Even In An Eco- Type Of Terrorism Whereby They Can Alter The Climate, Set Off Earthquakes, Volcanoes .......

FPI BREAKING NEWS: 'US had advance warning of tsunami'

FPI BREAKING NEWS: White House Won't Release Gonzales Papers

Laura Bush Salutes Her True God

Don't be silly, it's just hook 'em horns! Yeah right....

click here for image

British ID Card Gains Ground

The British government's quest to institute a national identity card faces a critical phase in the next few weeks, as the legislation will be scrutinized and amended in committee at the House of Commons before going to the House of Lords to undergo the same process there.
full story

New York city council vote to toughen gun control

NEW YORK (AFP) Jan 06, 2005
The New York City Council approved Wednesday a package of measures designed to boost gun control, allowing local authorities to go after out-of-town gun dealers who allow their weapons to fall into the wrong hands.
full story

Iraq abuse "went on until July"

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Sexual and physical abuse of Iraqi prisoners continued at least three months after the Abu Ghraib scandal was revealed, according to accounts by alleged victims published in the latest issue of Vanity Fair magazine.
full story

US Guards Did Give Me Electric Shocks

THIS hooded Iraqi prisoner shown wired up in Abu Ghraib jail claimed yesterday he was tortured with electric shocks.
full story

New Jersey Man Is Charged Under Patriot Act With Shining Laser Beam at an Airplane

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) - A man charged with temporarily blinding the pilot and co-pilot of an airplane with a laser beam claims he was simply using the device to look at stars with his 7-year-old daughter.full story

Oppose the draft? It's already here

While most pollsters would agree that
there is almost no discernable support for reinstating the military
draft, why should the public support the military's policy of forcing
exhausted those who already have fulfilled their contractual obligation
to serve into an open-ended term of indentured — potentially fatal —
military servitude?

Yet that is exactly what is happening
to people such as Oregon Army National Guardsman Sgt. Emiliano
Santiago, 27, of Pasco, Wash.

full story

A Compendium of Abuse: The Year in Torture

The following are forms of maltreatment visited upon
prisoners by U.S. personnel during 2004. The list was compiled from articles
detailing information in official U.S. documents. Allegations by prisoners
that were not supported by official documents were not included.

compendium here

US troops 'laughed as Iraqi died'

An Iraqi civilian has testified that US soldiers forced him and his
cousin to jump into the River Tigris and laughed as his relative was
swept to his death.

full story

Wokensheeple's objective

Hi i started this blog in order to inform people of the global and local tyranny that is being imposed on the american people and the world. check back soon for news on this problem that is growing daily.

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