Tuesday, January 09, 2007

An Open Letter To America

Please watch this news clip first.
And now please take a minute and listen to what i have to say.

on September 11th 1991 George bush Sr. gave a speech describing a New World Order. For years people like myself were criticized for merely mentioning the words New World Order. news reports told us "anyone that talks about a new world order is a nut" the FBI's new terror manuals say "anyone that talks about the constitution, stands up for his/her constitutional rights or speaks of a "NEW WORLD ORDER" is a TERRORIST! so now by definition Lou Dobbs is a terrorist nut job.

So its all out in the open now. all the people that said people like myself were nuts and tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist's, what say you now? were we insane in a sane world? or are we sane in an insane world? i choose the latter.

So now i ask you citizens in the republic of America! Will you stand by and call sophomoric names from the side lines? Or will you join us and take back our country? the country our forefathers gave their lives to create! will you just stand there and give it over to the corporations?
Or will you stand up and say enough is enough, get educated on the facts and make a stand?! we have very little time to take our beloved republic back from the globalists, the time to act is now!

if every American who knows whats right would stand up and say "NO! IM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!" We could take this country back overnight.
but you have to get educated on the facts first. So you can then in turn reach out and educate others. its very simple.
If you would like for me to help you understand whats really going on in the world today, please contact me {my contact info is provided in the side bar} or if you're brave enough just post here.
I'm interested in just getting together with individuals or groups of individuals and discussing world and local issues. to take action peacefully and get something done.
what say you people of America? if you are as truly as patriotic as you say you are, you would stand up against the destruction of our country through the North American Union. if not get out of our way, because were trying to jump start the heart of our great country. and all you're doing is nothing but aiding and abetting a criminal government.
These are historical and monumental times in our country's history! what will you say to your children and your childrens children, when they ask what you did to help save our dying country? what will you say!?
so please i beg you dear Americans stand up before its too late....stand up before its too late.


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