Sunday, January 07, 2007

awwe isnt that cute? Pat Robertson: wannabe false prophet

You see pat used to be allot like myself, He knew the NWO existed and he knew what they were capable of. He even used to write books like "New World Order"
that was until he crossed over.
Now hes a nwo mouthpiece. Hes taken the opportunity to come out and tell you that "god" told him that massive amounts of Americans will die in 07. Leading all his fake Christians to hell with him. Isn't that special? He wants to be a false prophet for the NWO. Looks like he got his wish.
Mark my words there will be another attack like he says there will be. But it wasn't god that told him it was the NWO. So when at the end of the year when "tons of Americans die" and bush declares martial law and tries to take your weapons and throw you and your family into processing centers, don't say i didn't tell you so.

Pat Robertson's Doomsday Conversation With God


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