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P2OG in action

September 29, 2005
Undercover British soldiers caught red-handed: Dressed as Arabs in a car full of explosives with a remote detonator
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This story should be THE top story for weeks as nothing is more important. Billions of dollars and thousands of lives continue to be wasted every month in Iraq under the guise that we’re making progress and that eventually we’re going to get all the terrorists… yet when British soldiers are caught dressed as Arabs, with a car full of explosive and a remote detonator… the story is dropped like the plague. Once again, the way the $$ media buries the story is indicative of the potential consequences… ie- this news would end the war, if only Americans knew.

John Pilger has the full story, Sinister Events in a Cynical War

Although reported initially by the Times and the Mail, all mention of the explosives allegedly found in the SAS men’s unmarked Cressida vanished from the news. Instead, the story was the danger the men faced if they were handed over to the militia run by the “radical” cleric Moqtada al-Sadr. “Radical” is a gratuitous embedded term; al-Sadr has actually cooperated with the British. What did he have to say about the “rescue”? Quite a lot, none of which was reported in this country. His spokesman, Sheik Hassan al-Zarqani, said the SAS men, disguised as al-Sadr’s followers, were planning an attack on Basra ahead of an important religious festival. “When the police tried to stop them,” he said, “[they] opened fire on the police and passersby. After a car chase, they were arrested. What our police found in the car was very disturbing – weapons, explosives, and a remote-control detonator. These are the weapons of terrorists.”

The episode illuminates the most enduring lie of the Anglo-American adventure. This says the “coalition” is not to blame for the bloodbath in Iraq – which it is, overwhelmingly – and that foreign terrorists orchestrated by al-Qaeda are the real culprits…

A member of the Iraqi National Assembly, Fatah al-Sheik, said this week, “There is a huge campaign for the agents of the foreign occupiers to enter and plant hatred between the sons of the Iraqi people and spread rumors in order to scare the one from the other. … The occupiers are trying to start religious incitement, and if it does not happen, then they will start an internal Shi’ite incitement.”

The Anglo-American goal of “federalism” for Iraq is part of an imperial strategy of provoking divisions in a country where traditionally the communities have overlapped, even intermarried. The Osama-like promotion of al-Zarqawi is integral to this. Like the Scarlet Pimpernel, he is everywhere but nowhere. When the Americans crushed the city of Fallujah last year, the justification for their atrocious behavior was “getting those guys loyal to al-Zarqawi.” But the city’s civil and religious authorities denied he was ever there or had anything to do with the resistance.

“He is simply an invention,” said the Imam of Baghdad’s al-Kazimeya mosque. “Al-Zarqawi was killed in the beginning of the war in the Kurdish north. His family even held a ceremony after his death.” Whether or not this is true, al-Zarqawi’s “foreign invasion” serves as Bush’s and Blair’s last veil for their “war on terror” and botched attempt to control the world’s second biggest source of oil.

To sum up:

* Undercover soldiers caught red-handed attempting to bomb civilians and place the blame on ‘crazy Iraqi suicide bombers’. (I hear this a lot ~ “those people are nuts, they blow up their own citizens- so it’s ok for us to bomb the shit out of them”)
* Iraqis believe the occupation forces are behind the car bombs, an attempt to incite the civil war the US media tells us is imminent.
* Iraqis believe there is no Zarqawi, he is like Orwell’s Goldstein in 1984, the mythical terrorist that can never be caught, because that would end the excuse for US military presence.


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