Thursday, October 05, 2006

James Fetzer and Kevin Barrett @ UW in Madison OCT. 1 st

Well IM back after my 8 hours of driving from Madison. It was a good day beautiful day to be exact. Fetzer and Barrett put on a great presentation for the people of Wisconsin. They were handing out terror storm DVD's, deception dollars and media about 911 veterans for truth. 911 vets paid for the whole thing BTW. Including the check donated by fetzer.
I captured the video and audio from an analog video camera so theirs a bit of a hiss in the audio, and I forgot my tripod but the video is still pretty steady. Its all there anyway. I hope you guys enjoy this as it was a pain in the ass holding that camera up for as long as I did.
after it was all said and done some reporter told me "I should sell the tape" I said "nah it'll be on the net for free tomorrow" she then asked me where and I told her " and". She wrote down the url's and thanked me for the links and I took off for another wonderful 4 hour ride home.

Torrents here
Download part 1
Download part 2


Blogger AccordingToCait said...

Hi! My name is Cait Burgess. I'm the one that organized the fundraiser for the $8472 to repay University of Wisconsin Madison in the amount that was stolen from their budget by the Ozaukee County board, which just happened to be the same amount of money that the school pays Dr. Kevin Barrett!

I'm THRILLED to see this video online and wanted to leave a huge THANK YOU comment for hosting the video and to all that helped me raise the funds through Veterans for 911 Truth. Great job! We set them straight! Power to the sheeple!

Cait Burgess

5:45 PM  
Blogger Tsoldrin said...

Kick ass! Nice work on this.

9:29 AM  

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