Thursday, August 24, 2006

Police halt 'anti-social' hopscotch game

TWO teenage girls have been targeted by police - for playing hopscotch in their Midland street.

Officers swooped on Kayleigh Mangan and Georgina Smallwood, both 14, claiming they were behaving in an "anti-social" manner by playing the childhood game.

The community support officers also ticked the girls off for chalking too many hopscotch grids on the pavement in Spring Street in Halesowen.

The action by the bobbies was today defended by West Midlands Police, who said the girls were committing "low-level crime".

The officers spoke to the teenagers' mothers, and the girls were ordered to scrub off most of the chalk markings.

The swoop came just days after police took action against three other young girls, also in Halesowen, for building a treehouse.

The 12-year-olds concerned spent two hours in a cell, had their photographs, fingerprints and DNA swabs taken.Full story
At what point is this stuff going to be seen as just plain insane to the public? I cant believe we are being conditioned like this!


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