Saturday, October 08, 2005

Bush White House declares torture vital to US security policy

Bush White House declares torture vital to US security policy: "In an extraordinary declaration of the brutality of American foreign policy, the Bush administration denounced a Senate vote to bar the use of torture against prisoners held by the US military. Responding to the passage of an amendment to a Pentagon spending bill—approved by an overwhelming 90-9 vote Wednesday, the White House said the proposal would “restrict the president’s authority to protect Americans effectively from terrorist attack and bring terrorists to justice.” "


Blogger madthumbs said...

Torture exists in all levels of incarceration. It's been a topic of humor in our media as far back as I'm familiar with. I've experienced it first hand in city and county jail and can only imagine how much worse it is for state and federal prisons. Lets stop laughing about the gang rapes that are alluded to in movies and speak up on such issues which do occur. If a prison system can't harbor someone in a safe environment, then they shouldn't be harboring them at all. If everyone owned a gun and there was no organized law enforcement we wouldn't need prisons which aren't "correctional facilities" but harcore criminal training camps.

10:19 PM  
Blogger woken sheep said...

where else would you make a blood thirsty gestapo for the neo cons?

4:52 PM  

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