Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Nagin reported 25-foot crater beneath Industrial Canal

TOTAL INFORMATION ANALYSIS: "There exists a reasonable and rational basis for suspecting that there is more to the reality of what caused the levee to break than what has been publicly offered by government and the mainstream media. Allow me to outline several salient points of that basis.First, there is the detail, which seems to have been missed by many who have focused improperly on Minister Farrakhan’s remarks. And that detail is, what he mentioned again on Friday night, in Memphis – that it was New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin himself, who told Minister Farrakhan that there was a 25-foot crater underneath the levee near the Ninth Ward. Mayor Nagin did not tell Minister Farrakhan that it was an explosion that caused that 25-foot crater. The Minister came to that conclusion himself. "


Blogger Armon Tamzarian said...

This is just another example of the media only telling what they want to tell and not the whole story.

5:07 AM  
Blogger woken sheep said...

many examples of that here just take a look at the past stories in the archives

10:03 AM  

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